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All steel work is Engineer Certified in accordance with SANS 10400.

Just as importantly, our well-trained staff enjoy their work, and take pride in their workmanship.

This means you will also have a structure you will be proud of.


The specialist mezzanine floor construction division (SpaceXpanders) was established in 2008.

The factory is located on the East Rand in order to provide efficient logistical service and support to the Gauteng region and other surrounding cities


SpaceXpanders is a family owned and managed business. The Managing Director is Colin Frohlich, a former aircraft maintenance engineer with years of experience in high-tech industries. The aircraft related background is therefore deeply ingrained in the company philosophy (especially Quality and Safety) , meaning that technical standards and workmanship far exceed industry norms.

This commitment to quality has been a key factor in our growth, as it has led to repeat business and referrals from  every client the company has ever dealt with.

If you require a neat, quality mezzanine, office partitioning, or other steel structure, and want to deal with “real” people who have the same commitment and high standards you have - then you are at the right place!


We have several in-house teams, each comprising (typically) a Team  Leader, Rigger, Carpenter and 2 to 4 assemblers depending on the logistics of the job. Sub-contractors are never used (except sometimes for specialized accessories). The entire design, fabrication and installation process is undertaken in-house for improved control, quality and accountability.  This also means that if something requires changing, or goes wrong - we have the capacity to handle it  - rapidly and efficiently.


Goedkoop is Duurkoop

At SpaceXpanders we understand that mezzanine floors are “grudge” purchases (not exactly like buying a new car or golf clubs!) which means that the first thing most people think about is how to get by as cheaply as possible. While price is obviously important, there is nothing worse than having a mezzanine built and then finding out afterwards that it cannot carry the the load, damages computers because of vibration, obstructs space with too many columns, causes cracking of the concrete floor, takes ages to install, cannot be expanded (or dismantled), etc. Worse, a poorly designed mezzanine may even collapse!

SpaceXpanders is often called to advise on and repair mezzanine floors that were  constructed by inexperienced people.

In most cases these mezzanines or steel structures are not repairable. The only solution is to tear down and rebuild from scratch - doubling the initial cost!

As they say - “Buyer beare!”