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Mezzanine design is invariably a compromise between various factors. These include:

- LOAD - this is usually the most important consideration. There is a tendency to overestimate this which may waste a lot of money, or result in an unsuitable structure. On the other hand, underestimating would be dangerous. All SpaceXpanders floors have a mandatory safety factor for your protection. Our experienced consultants can assist you with determining what the appropriate design load should be.

- COLUMN GRID (spacing between vertical uprights). Everyone wants as few columns as possible. But longer spans between columns can reduce load carrying ability, increase costs, as well as introducing unnecessary design complexity. A balance therefore needs to be found. Our unique patented long span beams are a cost effective means of reducing columns WITHOUT losing load carrying capacity.

- APPLICATION - Will the mezzanine be used for goods storage, work stations, offices or have wheeled traffic on it? This will affect its vibration resistance requirements, deck type and so on.

- HEIGHT - How much clearance is required below the mezzanine floor for machines or vehicles such as forklifts? What is the total roof height available?  Does the new floor have to match the floor level of an existing floor? Remember the floor structure itself also requires some space. This is typically between 200 and 350mm. Special “thin” floors can be designed for certain applications where vertical height is restricted.  The term “FFL” means “finished floor height” and is the height of the top of the deck from the concrete floor below.

- ACCESSIBILITY - How easy is it to get materials to the installation site? Will beams need to be lifted over machines or other obstructions? Lightweight beams which can be manually carried and lifted obviously have an advantage in such situations

OFFICE CONSTRUCTION - Special requirements

Mezzanine floor structures which are built to have offices constructed on them have additional requirements to consider when compared to conventional “storage” mezzanines. This includes resistance to flexing (preventing cracking in walls) and vibration (especially important for preventing personnel fatigue and computer HDD damage), noise and temperature insulation, minimizing of columns, dust sealing, aesthetics, ease of attaching lights, ceilings, providing electrical, plumbing services through the structure etc.

For this reason SpaceXpanders has developed a special design specification for offices which addresses all of these issues.  In most cases this involves the use of our unique lightweight lattice beams (due to their higher resistance to vibration and high strength to weight ratio). A further bonus is that the lattice beams are aesthetically more attractive than conventional beams - which may be a consideration for certain retail or showroom type environments.

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Design - We will gladly assist you with designing your mezzanine and office layouts

Offices, store rooms- We have our own Partition division to ensure that your office / store / construction is to the same high standard as our structural floor systems. Different types of partitioning are available - e.g.; conventional “dry wall” or insulated steel skinned foam panels.

Electric Hoists - Storage mezzanines often require some sort of material handling system. The most space efficient (and therefore most common) is the vertical electric hoist. SpaceXpanders custom builds hoists and slide chutes to meet your individual needs

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